23 Abril 2012:
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  • International e-Planning Workshop 2012:

    "Citizens, Cities and Technology"

    23 Abril 2012 (10h00 - 19h30)

    Local: Faculdade de Ciencias, Universidade de Lisboa

    C6, room 6.2.56

    The purpose of this Workshop is to showcase exciting and promising projects in the growing feld of e-Planning, to take measure of the state of the art in e-Planning and a glimpse of what's ahead, and finally to promote the exchange of projects, knowledge and experiences between e-Planners from several countries.

    As always, inspired by MIT's Media Lab motto "Publish or Perish", but also "Demo or Die", this e-Planning Workshop intends to go beyond the traditional model of communication, creating both a space and an opportunity to see and refect the potential of tools, systems and approaches that we call "e-planning". This will be where communities and researchers meet to exchange, on an international level, their needs and their views on projects and approaches that are still under development.


    Part I: Posters and Demonstrations


    10h00 – registration


    10h30 - 12h30


    - Interactive project demonstrations and Poster session


                Poster Session:





                Luis Bexiga Calisto, Master student, FC-UL, Lisbon


                Ana Filipa Ferreira Bastos, Graduate student, IDL / FC-UL, Lisbon


                Edgar Barreira, Master student, FC-UL, Lisbon


                Tomás Llorente Aguado, PhD student, Universidade Politecnica, Madrid


                David Pera, PhD student, Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems of the University of Lisbon


                Clarisse Magarreiro, PhD student, IDL-UL, Lisbon


                Paulo Batista, e-Planning PhD student, UA, Aveiro


          Francesca Savoldi, e-Planning PhD student, ISCSP-UTL, Lisbon


    Ana Isabel Moiteiro, Jorge Saraiva Almeida, Isabel Oliveira, e-Planning PhD students, FCT-UNL, FCSH-UNL, Lisbon


          Maria da Graça Moreira, Professor, Faculty of Architecture-UTL, Lisbon


    Luis Borges Gouveia, CAPP-TSG/UTL & Professor Univ. Fernando Pessoa, Porto



                Interactive Project Demonstrations:



                Cátia Traça, Francesca Savoldi, ePlanning PhD students, ISCSP-UTL, Mario Carneiro,           CITIDEP


    Barbara Mauricio, ePlanning PhD candidate, ISCSP-UTL


               Tiago Prates, Suénia Brito, Lídia Namuto, Project in Political Science Lic., ISCSP-UTL


    Francisco Xavier, António Fernandes, ePlanning PhD students, ISCSP-UTL


          Pedro Bentes Graça, e-Planning PhD student, ISCSP-UTL


          Artur Afonso Sousa, PhD student Communication Sciences, Univ. Fernando Pessoa, Porto


    12h30 – 14h00

    Lunch break



    Part II: Presentations




    - Opening and welcome word by the Host & Workshop Chair


    14h05 - 16h00


    - Institutional remarks, ePlanning PhD + Master Programs & Research:




    16h00 - 16h15

    Tea break


    16h15 - 16h40


    - Keynote speaker


                e-Planning: Recent Projects and Future Prospects


    What makes e-planning different than conventional planning?  How does e-planning relate to GeoDesign, Landscape Urbanism and Landscape Ecology?  What skills and approaches are needed to address these issues and prosper in the new information economy?  The answers to these questions are still being formed.  However, recent research at MIT and elsewhere begins to show some interesting patterns. Prof. Flaxman will describe a set of projects which span a range of issues and approaches.  The MIT Everglades project used participatory spatial simulation modeling to develop "alternative futures" for a region and to assess their consequences.  The "Emerging and Sustainable Cities Platform" sponsored by the Interamerican Bank is trying to develop new methods for evaluating sustainability, ultimately across 500 diverse cities.  Recent student PhD work used agent-based modeling to explore water resources conflicts and to create scenarios collaboratively online. Prof. Flaxman will review these developments, and offer his assessment of future prospects for the field, and what students and faculty might be thinking about in terms of research opportunities and required supporting and coursework skills.


    16h40 - 16h50

    Questions / Discussion




    16h50 - 18h30


    - Sample Communications from e-Planning students representing teams from France, Italy, Spain, USA, Brasil, and Portugal.


         Robert Goodspeed, PhD Student, M.I.T. Department of Urban Studies and Planning (vc)


    Marta Sousa Rocha, ePlanning PhD student, ISCSP-UTL




           Tania Fonseca, PhD ePlanning student, ISCSP-UTL & ITE, U. London (vc)


           Rita Matildes, FC-UL (Dep. de Geologia + Dep. de Engenharia Geográfica, Geofísica e Energia)


           Nuno Montenegro, UL (FC – Dep. de Informática) & UTL (Arquitecture)



    18h30 – 18h45

    Questions / Discussion


    18h45 – 19h00


    - Quick review of on-going e-Planning projects




    Part III: Poster Session, Demonstrations & e-Planning Networking


    19h00 – 19h30

    Networking and final opportunity to interact with posters and demonstrations.



    Workshop closing


    Registration: http://www.e-planning.org/workshop2012registration.html

    Contact: eplanning2011@gmail.com


    Chair: Pedro Ferraz de Abreu (ISCSP-UTL)

    Co-Chair: Cristina Catita (FC-UL)

    Institutional Organization Support:

    Participating Universities: